WANTED-Possible Trades

    Below is A list of animals we might be interested in trading and/or purchasing:


    Boaphile, Vision, etc. Plastic stackable Cages/Racks Rodent breeding supplies/cages, Incubators


    King Snakes (cb only):

    Todos Santos Island Mt. Kings (L. z herrerae)

    Any axanthic/anerythristic Mt. Kings


    Rat Snakes (CB only):

    Anerythristic phase Leopard Rat Snakes (E. situla)

    Trans Pecos Rats:  Very large adults or aberrant patterns

    Honduran&AZ triaspis (mutabilis and intermedia) wanted!

Gopher/Bull/Pine Snakes (Pituophis) (CB only):

Pituophis lineaticollis gibsoni highly sought after

Bright colored bimaris


Boelens Pythons (Liasis Boeleni)

Blood Python morphs (Python curtis brongersmai)

Very nice bright colored Womas and Black Heads

Angolan Pythons

Ball Pythons:  Axanthic morphs, Ghosts and Pewters


CB banded or reticulated Gila Monsters, any size or sex.

(Heloderma suspectum suspectum)


Anerythristic Western Hognose wanted badly or hets.


Thanks for checking out my wanted animals hopefully I have the opportunity to work with all of the above someday!  Please contact me if you have any of these available.

Gregg Feaster



Contact us: gregg@greggsrb.com


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