Axanthic (silver or platinum) Trans Pecos Rat Snakes

(Bogertophis subocularis)


2008 Axanthic breeding notes:  I was surprised in 08 to hatch out several normal patterned Axanthics (possible het blonde snow) from an unrelated triple het male (bought directly from Todd Smith of Y-not Reptiles) to 2 Axanthic normal patterned females of the Terlingua / Lajitas line.


Axanthic Normal Patterned


Axanthic Normal patterned Trans Pecos...these things are amazing!  The parents of my animals were originally caught as babies in 1985 in between Lajitas and Terlingua Texas.  This is about a 20 mile stretch in Big Bend area of Texas.  The parents were both normal in appearance, but when bred together in the early  years of the project a few silver animals were hatching out.



Axanthic blonde phase

I can't wait to track how this somewhat banded female changes if any as it matures.  The banding really intrigues me, an amazing looking suboc that I hope produces babies with banding such as this or maybe some reduced patterning?



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