trans-Pecos Rat Snakes

(Bogertophis subocularis)

Axanthic Normal Patterned

2008 Axanthic breeding notes:  I was surprised in 08 to hatch out several normal patterned Axanthics (possible het blonde snow) from an unrelated triple het male (bought directly from Todd Smith of Y-not Reptiles) to 2 Axanthic normal patterned females of the Terlingua / Lajitas line.

My adult females:

Axanthic Normal patterned Trans Pecos...these things are amazing!  The parents of this pair were originally caught as babies in 1985 in between Lajitas and Terlingua Texas.  This is about a 20 mile stretch in Big Bend area of Texas.  The parents were both normal in appearance, but when bred together in the early a few silver animals were hatching out.  Very few of these have been produced or sold, and the original breeder has bred these silver x silver babies together to produce entire clutches of silver but normal patterned Trans Pecos.



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