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This page is dedicated to websites and information; articles, groups,  organizations and people that deal with conservation and awareness of all pets as well as their environments.  If you know of other articles or organizations that would be good to list here please contact me at



Legislation Resources

Please join USARK (U.S. Association of Reptile Keepers) and make donations whenever possible to support thier efforts in conserving our rights to keep and work with the reptiles we enjoy so much.  There are too many organizations out there trying to take away our rights and freedoms for the pursuit of happiness both personally and in business.  This is truly an amazing organization and they need all of our support!

A very informative site that is aligned with  Do you know how many states have introduced over 30 bills outlawing specific breeds of dogs such as Spring Spaniels, Golden Retrievers and Pugs...unreal that these people will stop at nothing to take away our family friends and pets.


R.A.R.E - Reptile Adoption, Rehabilitation and Education, Inc.

739 Borden Road - Cheektowaga, New York 14227

Website: / E-mails: or



The National PET Association is also fighting for our rights when to keep all types of pets.  Follow this link for specific news on the python ban, articles and timelines.  You can also go to their main site from here and see other legislation against various pets, not just reptiles.

NPA also has great t-shirts delivered free with donation.



PIJAC - Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council

An amazing organization fighting for pet ownership and the entire industry.  Please visit their site to see how you can help out by voicing you opinions to lawmakers.



I am a big supporter of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and had a great opportunity recently to hear a speaker from the Ohio Farm Bureau and their Issue 2 legislation efforts to create a Livestock Care Standards Board.  PETA along with the HSUS and other various "do gooder" organizations prompted Ohio residents to come together for Issue 2 and so far it has worked well.  I really like the ideals that PETA and HSUS say they support, but don't think they are very transparent with their goals or funding received.  I also believe some things need to change in the pet industry and we definitely have to continue the fight against cruelty to animals.  But we don't need to go as crazy as some organizations suggest. 

I urge anyone wanting to donate to do so at their local animal shelter level.  It is as simple as using a search engine such as Google or Bing, type in just about any animal breed along with the "rescue, shelter" or "humane society", your town, city or state.  This search should yield numerous places in need of donations and/or manpower.  To find out more about the real ideals and tactics used by these so called "do gooder" animal rights activists you can read articles and see videos on the Ohio Farm Bureau website.

Ohio Farm Bureau Issue 2



Rescue and Conservation Resources

Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary is based of out Lancaster PA.  Please contact Jesse Rothacker with any questions and anytime you are thinking of rescuing or giving up a reptile for rescue visit this site first.  Jesse is a very nice guy to deal with and I have met him in person and attends a few PA reptile shows.



HCU has great information on state chapters, please look over this site to find someone in your area or to start a chapter in your area possibly.



Pets Add Life (PAL)

Another good website for information on keeping all types of pets and the products best suited for them.  A nice well rounded website to help with the ever changing question of which product is the best to buy.  Not too much information on reptiles but still a good pet care website.



Mike Comella runs a great animal rehabilitation and rescue center in Wichita Falls.  He is an authority on Horned Lizards and also does educational talks and exibits.



The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is a great organization for those living in this area of the state.  Great people and there are usually ways you can help with hands on activities and in person involvement.



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