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Disclaimer:  Please note that nothing contained in this document shall be construed as any type of warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the quality, temperament, fitness, health, or type of animal(s) shipped and received or to the nature of the sales transaction or to its legality.  In fact, any and all warranties (express, implied, or fitness for a particular purpose) are hereby waived.  Furthermore, any advice or recommendations proffered in this document are merely advisory and may not be applicable in all situations.  You bear and accept any and all responsibility for and risk in caring for your animals and ensuring that this transaction and your receipt and housing of your animals comply with applicable law.  YOU SHOULD CONSULT A VETERINARIAN TO ENSURE PROPER CARE AND THE APPLICABLE LEGAL MANDATES OF YOUR JURISDICTION.  If, through your fault or by your initiation, this transaction results in any charges, claims, suits, or civil fines or penalties of any kind being brought against or charged to Gregg’s Reptile Basement and/or Gregg Feaster, you agree to completely indemnify, including attorney fees and court costs, and hold harmless Gregg’s Reptile Basement and/or Gregg Feaster. Other than the terms of this disclaimer, this document is meant to create no legal rights or obligations.

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