Sonoran Gopher Snake morphs

(Sunglow, Hypo, Ghost, Blizzard)

(Pituophis catenifer affinis)


Ghost Sonorans

This morph by far throws the wildest aberrancies and striping for me.  Very sweet looking as babies and all through their lives.


Blizzard Sonorans


Albino/Sunglow Sonorans

Check out this nice lavender tail striping on this female.  I have been fortunate enough to produce several aberrant and striped Sonoran morphs over the years.  Check out the neat way it zig-zags back and forth with the orange, bad pic but it was before her first shed.



Hypomelanistic Sonorans - another morph that I get some aberrancies out of!

Probably my favorite pit pictured below, my really large hypo female that is amazing to handle and very docile, my favorite pit by far in my collection.  She has been the female throwing aberrancies.



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