Below is a list of EVERYTHING I am working with and planning on breeding now or in the future.  I have listed the expected year for babies to be available for sale.  I do not list any prices and normally won't be able to because I try and be fair to customers as well as other breeders who I am friends with.  When I know I will have babies for sale (after a good looking clutch is laid) I will start watching the "market" and reaching out to my friends working with the same projects and figure out fair prices at that time.


This page is updated with anything and everything I have plans to breed.  Pet snakes I don't list on here because I won't be producing offspring to sell.  Please use this as an absolute guide to what I am working with from adults to babies and when their offspring will be available for sale.  If it's not listed below then I'm no longer working with that project.  Click on the animal listed to view a page with more pictures of each project and details.  Prices will be determined when I actually have babies hatching out and feeding, ready to sell without worries.  Thanks for stopping by and please check back in spring and fall for new projects, clutches and updates!


AVAILABLE & EXPECTED Animals For Sale click here


Colubrids:                                                                    Expected:

Axanthic normal patterned Trans Pecos                                                 2018

Anery Motley & Ultramel Anery Motley Corns                                        2017

Silverleaf Kisatchie Rat Snakes                                                                 2017

Tessera Corns                                                                                               2017

Anery & Miami (Candy Cane!) Scaleless Corns from Europe              2019

Aberrant Sonorans (ghost, albino, hypo)                                                2017

Blizzard, Ghost, Albino/Sunglow & Hypo Sonorans                               2017

Rusty Sonorans                                                                                             2018

High Black and White Northern Pines                                                        2017

Jasper County locale (huge) Eastern Chain Kings                                  2019

Eastern Indigo Snake (black phase)                                                         2018



Boas & Pythons:                                                           Expected:

Albino & Normal Striped VPI Blood Pythons                                            2017

Matrix & Ivory Blood Pythons                                                                    2018

Blue Ghost Borneo Short Tail Pythons (Need a male)                           2018

Golden Child x Motley Reticulated Pythons                                               ????

Motley Amel Reticulated Pythons                                                                ????

Hypo & Albino (possibly Labyrinth) Burmese Pythons                          2019





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