Some of my favorite sites and breeders!


A very nice site and great guy to deal with is Jason of ENVY Reptiles.  A lot of my Pituophis projects have come from him.  Very highly recommended, I do business and projects with Jason a few times each year!!!



Here is a great site to find other breeders of Pituophis and a lot of great information on them.  KJ does a great job at keeping this updated with new pictures, care sheets, etc.  Very nice and informative site.



Don Soderberg has got to be the best guy around for Corn Snakes!!!  South Mountain is very helpful before, during and after your purchase.  I wish I had enough room to buy several snakes from him every year!!!



Reptile radio blog recently interviewed Brian Barczyk of BHB Enterprises.  A great guy to deal with and highly recommended.  If you missed it you can always go back to the link below to listen to it and many others. 



Jim has create a great blog website - Snakes and more Snakes - a lot of information on many snake breeds, photos, breeder lists and care sheets.



Animals worlds helps you to gain knowledge about animals, reptiles, fish, birds, etc. people who love to know to more about the wild zone can get lot of information in animals worlds. It provides information through photo gallery, videos, beautiful pictures, etc.



Ron Crawford has a great site with amazing Ball Pythons, very helpful and definitely a site to view.  If you live in PA and visit the Hamburg and Lititz shows this is a site for you when looking for Ball Pythons.



Tony has some really amazing Ball Pythons and his site is great to surf around on.  Very great guy to work with and top notch animals!



Here is a nice site to post pictures, questions, and find breeders.  You can even post classified ads at this site.  Very helpful site, and Josh runs it very well.



Melissa Kaplan's site on herp care is great.  This is the best site for both general information on herps as well as specific care guides.  Check out the support link on here too, they have some really nice T-Shirts, hats, etc. for sale that will help to keep the site updated and running also.



Howie is very nice and helpful.  I can't wait until he has some Diamonds for sale!!!  Very nice colubrids too.



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