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Here are just a few of the great comments some of our customers have had to say about our animals and service.  More comments are welcome, both good and bad.  There is always room for a little improvement.



    From inquiry to acquisition, you were there every step of the way. I really appreciate your level of customer service. The sonorans were well packed and arrived on time and healthy. The pics do not do them justice. Really beautiful snakes. I would recommend you to anyone and I am sure I will once my friends see these. Thanks for everything,

    JS. Cocoa, FL        5/09/06"


"Hello Greg,

    I am very satisfied with the trans pecos.  It is a perfect specimen.  I appreciate you making the arrangements regarding the delivery.  The location for the Lancaster Show is very nice but it can best be described as low key, small crowd...In contrast to the Hamburg Show which is the wild, wild, west.

Jim 3-24-06"


"Gregg, They all look great, pictures really don't do any of them justice. I had

originally planned to eventually cross the Blonde suboc with Black Gap suboc, but I like the Black Gap so much I will probably get a Blonde female, so let me know if you can help me later this year.. Look forward to doing more business with you later.  You can really tell these guys have been fed good too!

                                       Dale 1-06-06"


"Gregg, They are here! They arrived about 10:45  am. They both look great. They remind me of an Asian rat snake. Their tails are really long for their size. Cool snakes, looking forward to working with them:-)    Thanks, Mark 1-05-06"


"Hey, Gregg!  I took Dozer out this morning before I took my shower, since I knew what was coming. He was a mite frisky, but didn't musk until after I'd been holding him a couple minutes. He smelled me pretty good and I think his brain said, "Who the heck are you?" Then he musked a little. He is so beautiful! I can't thank you enough.
Take it easy!  Kathy"   7/29/05


"I've seen her, and she's precious!  Thanks so much.  You will get my enthusiastic recommendation to whomever I speak with about her.   ~Beth"  1-29-05


"Greetings Gregg, My Aesculapian (AKA Ningishzida) just had his first shed in my care today and I thought that you may want an update on all of them, he is actually noticeably lighter!!!  He's still occasionally nippy and nervous but after daily handling (except during shed and 48 hours after feedings) he has come to at least tolerate me (eg. sometimes he will entwine around me rather than looking for the quickest route away). Lastly, my daughters Russian (AKA Hades) is the most docile yet still active of them all.  He also is held daily by my daughter and has proved to at least seem to be the most "aware" of them all. Thanks again for getting the whole thing together for me and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.  Amor et Lux, Ron" 12-13-04


"Well Gregg, you've done it again.  The snakes are the best and your
service is above and beyond any expectations that could be had! Your
willingness to handle questions and to check up on how the snakes are
doing is very much appreciated.  Several folks who have seen the
Blizzard Sonoran asked where they could get one.  I told them to get on
your list early next year!   I'm looking forward to Axanthic Bulls and 
Ghost Bulls.  And 2006--wow what a year that should be!!  Thanks again. 
Pat Glazener-Cooney" 10-17-04


"Hey Gregg,   I'm impressed, I fed/attempted to feed all of my snakes last night, and the Dione's all ate. I dropped a Frozen/Thawed pinky in each on of their cages around 10:00pm last night and when I checked their cages this morning around 9:00am, all of them had eaten. I like it when things are that easy.   I purchased a nice pair of hypo hondurans about a week and a half ago. I have tried to feed them twice using the same method as I did for the Dione's and they refused to eat both times.   I purchased 1.4 (2004) Hypo Everglades Ratsnakes about two weeks ago. I have tried feeding them several times, and only one female has eaten for me all three times, the rest have not eaten at all.  I purchased 23 (2004) corn snakes about 3 weeks ago, out of all of those snakes, two have eaten.   I am very frustrated with all of these snakes refusing to eat, so it was very refreshing when every single one of the high yellow elaphe dione's ate for me without any fuss. I really like them. I like their colors and patterns now, and I can't wait to see what they are going to look like as adults.  Any advice you can give me on getting those corns, hypo everglades, and hypo hondurans to eat would be appreciated.   Thanks again, Nathan" 7-12-04


"Hello Gregg -
  I looked at my website a few minutes ago and the photo gallery, stock, and
2004 pages are really shaping up.  Your updates and changes have gone past
any of my expectations.  Thanks for the time and effort you have done for
Kern Reptile Research Center.  I have already gotten great feedback on my
site.   Terry"  5-25-04


"Hi Gregg,
          She looks great, I was just taking some pics of her to put on the webpage.  Thank you so much for everything.  My partner an I are just starting to go to the local NE shows, but hopefully we will bump into each other sometime at a MD, PA or FL show.  Thanks for the Black Milk and everything and I may be contacting you about a pair of those Applegate pyros, very nice snakes.
                                                                   Rick"  3-30-04

"Hi Gregg,
Thanks a lot for the great animals. They are all doing very well and especially the blizzard Sonoran Gopher is unbelievably beautiful. It was a real pleasure for me to do business with you. You had to spend a lot of time, work and money for getting all the necessary permits for this international deal. I've done business with US reptile breeders nearly every year since 1991 and I can tell you that only a very few breeders are so friendly and honest like you. You find the time for answering my questions before and after the deal. Your customer service is great. I hope we can do business again soon.
                     Matthias Rechter, Glinde, GERMANY"  3-22-04

"Hello Gregg,

Finally, after all these months of waiting, I met Matthias this weekend at a reptile show in Germany, and collected my two Pituophis from you.  They look stunning, and I'm very happy with my new snakes. 

Greetings, and wish you a nice herping season, Sven" 3-16-04

"Drew was so happy and surprised about the candy canes!  They are BEAUTIFUL!  He got taken to the cleaner by another person, and instead of candy canes they sent some really dark amels... but Drew said they weren't candy canes... and he showed me a picture in Kathy Love's book...they sure didn't look like what was in the picture!  Had orange and yellow shades with the darker red/orange...
So thank you for sending what he wanted...let us know what colors you are expecting and we'll be sure and order again from you!
A happily satisfied mother!  Lots of people think that just because he's only 16 well he won't know too much...sorry, Drew has had snakes for about 7 years, and he knows his snakes.  Thanks again, Joanne & Drew" 3-07-04

"The White-sided Bulls couldn't be better!!!  Thanks again for the great service.  I'm already saving up for the albino Sonorans this year and Rusty Sonorans, jani and deppei in the future.  Have a great weekend!  Pat"  3-05-04


Thanks for the Elaphe longissima pair.  The animals arrived on time, packaged well,  completely healthy and exactly as described.   Love your stock, species choices and I'm sure we'll be doing more business in the near future.  It was great talking to someone who really enjoys the hobby.  Hope to see you at one of the shows sometime.

Best regards, John Firneno" 3-04-04


"The little guy ate immediately Saturday on a small pinkie.  Today, I got home and found that he had left me a new shed, I am very happy with this guy, he is beautiful. He will hopefully have offspring of his own in a couple years.

Good Luck with your herps, Riley" 1-05-04


"I would like to say that Gregg shipped me a Western Green Rat Snake and the animal is in great shape, obviously well taken care of.  Gregg was in constant contact the day the package was shipped, via email and phone.  He really cares for his customers and I had a great experience dealing with him and his quality reptiles.  Thanks Gregg.  I plan on doing business with Gregg in the future with you. Thanks for everything!

Dan Grubb" 12-18-03

"If you want great animals, great service and a great experience I highly recommend Gregg Feaster as someone to do business with.  His help before, during and after shipping is top notch!  Go to him for your needs--you'll be glad you did!  It's a joy for me to write a recommendation like this.  Take care and keep in touch.    Pat" 12-14-03

"Gregg is the perfect salesman, very polite, to the point, presents his animals with pride, gives you a great selection with pics to pick through, non pushy & very informative. all the snakes I got from Gregg came in top shape JUST AS ORDERED! I will definitely be doing business again with him & recommend him highly. keep up the great work Gregg.      Dave Powell, Hollywood, FL" 12-12-03


"I've been searching for a breeder of gaigeae (black milks) for about a year now.  You had the quality of snakes I was looking for. I am glad I purchased a pair, which just came in today and they are excellent babies. They were packed well, were warm and ate the very next morning after shipping.  It was well worth the wait to find the right breeder. 

Thanks again!, Stephanie Zimmerman" 11-25-03

"Both Candy Cane Corns arrived safe and sound - beautiful deep red & white color!
They settled in nicely, and they really were not nervous at all.  Can't
wait to see them all grown up!  Thanks again!  Lynn" 11-13-03

"Gregg, I want to thank you for everything!  The animals arrived well-packed, on time, and in excellent shape.  They're all great looking snakes, have settled in to their new environments well, and are little eating machines.  I'm always a little nervous when buying animals via the Internet, but I've been thoroughly pleased from your first friendly email.  When you find something you like and are comfortable with, you always go back.  I'm sure we'll do business again!  Thank you very much!

Sincerely, Brad" 11-01-03

"The Hypo Sonoran arrived in good order and looked great.  This is an awesome looking hypo, and I couldn’t be happier with him.  Thanks once again Gregg. It was really great doing business with you, and I’m sure we’ll be doing business again – when you produce some rustys and some more ghosts!!!!  Talk to you soon and all the best to you.  Byron" 10-31-03

"Hi Gregg,  my hypo Sonoran (his name is Emmett) is doing
awesome.  I've been feeding him 2 pinkies once a week (store is always out
of fuzzies) and he  sheds perfectly.  He is the most docile snake I've ever
had.  Has not hissed or struck once.  Thank you
for such a beautiful, quality animal and great service.  You responded to
all my questions in a timely manner so that I could make an educated
decision.  I'll send  you pics soon!  Jenn S." 5-26-03

"I would like to say its been a real pleasure doing business with you. You have made things a lot more relaxed with the help you have given me, with all my questions. These snake are great, when I opened the box today I was amazed. No pictures can do these guys and girls justice. The colors and health of these animals are top notch. I will be doing business with you again, THANK YOU SO MUCH, JIM PRATT " 3-19-03


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