**Anything below can occasionally be delivered to Hamburg & Cheswick PA shows.**



2011 Anery Motley (male) and Ultramel Anery Motley (female) Corns

These corns look great and I always enjoy seeing the babies they throw but I just don't have the time and room for this many corns right now so they have to go as I have Silverleaf, Anery scale-less and Tessera corns almost ready to breed soon.  Not asking much more than I paid for them as babies.  There are a few more to the genetics on the pair than listed here, each year the clutch is mostly anery motleys, then a few snow motleys and just 1 or 2 Ultramel Anery Motley Corns which are always stunning.

$350 plus shipping for the pair



Adult FEMALE Blue Borneo Python

I don't have a male, picked her up a few years ago in a trade and she is  stunning and not proven yet.  I didn't ever grab a male.  Now I either need to buy a male or sell her.  Email me for pics and price.  She is too big and heavy to ship I'm afraid.



Sub-adult Ivory Blood Python FEMALE

Another project I picked up in trade but never really finished pairing up.  She eats live rodents every time but is picky on frozen and therefore smaller in size.  Extremely clean and high white, really wish I could get her to eat great on f/t I would never let her go.  $750 plus shipping which is less than I have in her due to how clean and white she is.



2017 Expected Clutches / Potential Offspring Below


 **These are not definite, only good possibilities that I may produce these babies.**                  


Silverleaf Kisatchie Rat Snakes (Pantherophis slowinskii)


Anery Motley & Ultramel Anery Motley Corns


Tessera Corns - Eggs Incubating Now


High black and white Northern Pines - Eggs Incubating Now


Albino, Hypo, Blizzard and Ghost Sonoran Gophers


Albino Striped Blood Pythons - Eggs Incubating Now




Thanks for visiting, please stop back each spring and summer as clutches are laid and begin to hatch out.



***Trades may be considered, please see our Wanted/Possible trades page for snakes/cages I am currently looking for.***  Sex ratio explanation:  Number left of the decimal refers to the males, number right of the decimal refer to females.  For example, 1.3 equals 1 male (left #) and 3 females (right #).



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