Welcome to Gregg’s Reptile Basement!!! Hello, I’m Gregg Feaster from Gregg’s Reptile Basement, and on this page I’d like the opportunity to tell you a little about my hobby and myself. I have been collecting and keeping herps since I was just a child. At first it was only the smaller common snakes found around my home state of Pennsylvania, but now it has grown to be a small yet exclusive collection of very unique and exquisite reptiles. I only do this as a hobby and to lesson the need for wild collected animals. I have a full-time job that requires most of my time, which is my main reason for such a small group of animals. BUT, this small group of extremely clean animals is selected to represent their color morph and/or locality. I am also determined to keep my animals at very competitive prices. My final goal is that you the customers are happy with not only the animals I sell to you, but also with all my services. I will gladly try to answer any questions about animals that you have, whether you bought them from us or not.  As you can tell from our stock, we only buy from reputable breeders.  This not only provides us, but our customers as well with great quality animals.  If you see an animal that does not have the original stock beside it's description please contact us and ask about it's origin.

        I officially started Gregg’s Reptile Basement in 2000 when I bought my own home and completely gutted and re-designed the basement for my hobby. I had been breeding snakes in my parent’s basement though long before I thought of doing it in my own home. I actually can’t believe my parents let me keep reptiles after one or two accidental losses in their house. When I was younger I used to tell them my socks where wet from being in a river, and that’s why I was not wearing them inside the car…actually that’s what I used to put in any smaller snakes that I had found when I was little. When I finally told them about this, which was not long ago, they were amazed that they never caught me. I lost a Garter Snake in the living room couch, and had to put it in the yard for a few days hoping it would come out, not a good day at my house. Then one day my mother bent down to put a tape in her VCR and found a boa that had escaped, curled up nice and warm on top of her VCR…that was not a good day either. But thankfully they understood my love for herps and continued to allow them in their house.  As you can see I have always kept my animals in a basement, which is usually where my room was located, and hence I found Gregg's Reptile Basement only fitting.  Not too hard of a name to come up with, but very very fitting.  If any other people out there have a "reptile basement" or just keep your reptiles anywhere throughout your house please contact me and we will talk about herps.

        I enjoy keeping reptiles, and did not start this small business for monetary reasons. All of the animals I sell have been produced by me, unless otherwise stated. Therefore I can guarantee my animals will be healthy, free from diseases or parasites, and among the finest available.

        If you don’t see what your looking for, please feel free to e-mail me or call me and leave a message with information on what it is you are looking for. Even if I don’t have it, I attend monthly Reptile shows and can easily contact fellow breeders to get what you’re looking for. Attaining your business with us and continuing to keep your business with us is very important to me, so please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments, or just to talk about reptiles.

Thanks again for visiting my site and please come back again soon!

Gregg Feaster

Contact me:  gregg@greggsrb.com

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